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Makam Rast

Makam rast is one of the four makams with the highest therapeutic value. It is one of the oldest makams. In Persian it means correct, straight, right and truth.

Element: Fire and Water
Nature: Dry - Hot
Planet: Mars
Four liquids: Yellow gall
Gender: Male

Emotional-Psychological Effects

  • It gives pleasure, joy, inner peace and relaxation.
  • It is beneficial against mental diseases.
Effects: Comfort, Enjoyment, Joy, Mental diseases, Tranquility,

Effects to organs

  • Affects the head, the eyes and the muscles, cold organs like the brain, the bones and fats.
Effects: Bone, Brain, Eye, Fat, Head, Muscle,

Effects against sicknesses

  • It is good against paralysis.
  • It helps to increases low pulse rate.
  • It corrects the imbalances caused by humidity which controls children’s body.
  • Since it has spasm relieving attributes, it is beneficial for the curing of spastic and autistic patients.
Effects: Low pulse rate, Paralysis, Spasm,

Specifict effects

  • Prevents over sleeping.
Effects: Sleep,