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Makam Huseyni

Huseyni is one of the oldest makams. It has a history of at least six centuries. It has a trustworthy expression. It has meanings like ‘Little sweetheart’ and ‘related with Huseyin’.

Element: Water
Nature: Humid - Hot
Planet: Saturn

Emotional-Psychological Effects

  • Gives the feeling of peace; induces kindness, silence and relaxation.
  • It has a refreshing feeling.
  • Due to its secret pentatonic structure it gives feeling of self confidence and determination and because of this it is beneficial for the autistic and spastic patients.
  • Unifies people with nature.
Effects: Beauty, Comfort, Determination, Kindness, Nature, Peace, Refreshing, Self confidence, Silence,

Effects to organs

  • Affects the internal organs.
  • It is beneficial for the heart, liver and the stomach.
  • Stops and destroys the pus of the liver, the heart and the soul.
  • It relieves from the heat of the stomach.
  • Beneficial against left shoulder problems.
Effects: Heart, Internal organs, Left shoulder, Liver, Shoulder, Stomach,

Effects against sicknesses

  • It is beneficial against secret fever fit and the fever fit that comes only once a day and all the other fever fits that are seen in adult males.
  • Good against malaria.
Effects: Fire, Malaria,