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Makam Acemasiran

Makam Acemasiran is one of the oldest, transposed makams.

Element: Fire
Nature: Dry - Hot

Emotional-Psychological Effects

  • It gives a feeling of creativity and inspiration.
  • It energizes the stagnant thoughts and emotions.
  • It gives pleasure and helps relaxation.
Effects: Comfort, Creativity, Enjoyment, Inspiration, Liveliness, Pleasure,

Effects to organs

  • It is effective for brain and the bones.
  • It helps the fat balance in the body.
Effects: Bone, Brain, Fat,

Effects against sicknesses

  • It is beneficial against pain and spasms.
Effects: Pain, Spasm,

Specifict effects

  • It helps labor.
  • It helps the mispositioned fetus change its position in the womb.
Effects: Labor, Pregnancy,