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Rast Makam Camp in Zürich

Exercises on makam Rast - October 5, 2019, Zürich, Rast Makam Camp

We completed the second meeting of Zürich Makam Camp with good emotions…

We studied the theory, played pieces and exercises, analyzed classical compositions, made musical improvisations and took a look at the therapeutic effects of Makam Rast. We tried to reinforce the information about the subject by practicing on the exercises and documents we prepared with Emre Başaran.

Rast makamında geçkiler, Fatih Oral - 5 Ekim 2019, Zürih, Rast Makam Kampı
Transitions in makam Rast, Fatih Oral – October 5, 2019, Zürich, Rast Makam Camp

Many sincere thanks to our friends Şefika Balaban Brandenberger and Mustafa Mathias Brandenberger who were our hosts and organizers. We also thank a lot to the old and new friends who participated in the camp…

Practice on background melodies for improvisation in makam Rast – Zürich Rast Makam Camp
Fatih Oral, plays and compares the Rast, Pencgah and Nikriz pentachords of Turkish music on the ney.

Thanks to the years of work and friendships Oruc Hoca made, we never feel like strangers here With this opportunity, we’d like to state once more time that we remember him with gratitude…

The Makam Camp work we continue in Turkey and Switzerland gives us the chance to test many things in application. Therefore, as we are trying to teach, we are also having the possibility to learn many things.

With greetings and love.